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Remnants of Memories
The village of Konoha has lived in relative peace for the past two years - things have continued on as they have and as they will. Yet... a darkness looms on the horizon with Akatsuki lurking from the shadows, manipulating the world at their whim as they attempt to extract the Tailed Beasts from their jinchuuriki hosts. Sasuke remains within the hands of Orochimaru, leaving Naruto and Sakura wishing after him, growing stronger to reclaim their misguided friend, and stave away the darkness growing inside of him. Will the villages work together, and fight back this growing threat? Or will they fall victim of it together? Will Team Seven be reunited as they're meant to be - or will circumstances keep them ripped apart?

This is where our story begins.
Remnants of Memories is a LJ Naruto RP taking place after the two and a half year time-skip - thus, knowledge of the manga and anime up until and preferably past that point is required. You don't need to know every detail and nuance of information, but should at least have a general understanding of what happened and who the characters are. It is a serious, canon roleplay aimed towards more marture players looking to portray their characters to the best of their ability - and to have fun doing so!

The events of the anime and manga up until the time-skip are all as they were. However, from there on out, everything is up for change - Akatsuki's plans, Danzou's plotting, Tsunade's wishes, team 7's future reunion - all these things and more rest in the hands of the players.
Until the canon characters are filled out, no original characters are permitted at this time. However, that may change in the future! Any character considered deceased in the manga/anime is not permitted to be played, unless you create a reasonable (preferably creative!) reason as to how they could be brought back.

Reserving: if you can't put in an application for a character immediately, you may 'reserve' that character for a maximum of one week. After that week period is over, the character is up for grabs again.
You may check the open character list or reserve a character here,
and visit the taken character list here.

Keep up with posts. If you apply for a character who is bound to get a lot of attention, make sure you are available and willing to keep up with posts in regards to that character! A messenger service is now required to keep in touch and for easier logging.
No Godmodding. Pretty self explanitory. None of this, or you'll be removed.
This community is for third-person person, in-character roleplay only, so keep that in mind. Any crack or OOC interactions are more than welcome to be posted in the OOC community under a LJ cut. Journals are to be in first person perspective.
Romance of any sort is allowed - hetero or otherwise, but please be aware that not everyone is interested in such, and keep material of an explicit nature behind a LJ cut with a warning or two for good measure. If you must delve into the realm of bow-chika-wow-wow ness, please make sure it's tasteful and serves a purpose. (For example, Shikamaru wouldn't look at Naruto and randomly say, "Care for a shag?" Develop a relationship and some plot before the shibang.)
You may not play more than 2 canon characters at once, so please choose carefully.
Be mature. Let's not create OOC drama between one another, we all love each other here!)
If you desire a drastic plot twist - aka, a death of a major character - please clear it with the mods first. We'll agree 99% of the time, but we just want to know what you're thinking before you take the plunge.
Once accepted, go HERE and post your contact information.

Making a Post
When making a post to the community, please include the following:

Open to: <- Who is expected / welcome to join in this plot?
Setting: <- The where and when go here.
Brief summary: <- Premise of the plot and potential ongoings.

Also, please include tags with the characters names involved.
Out of Community Roleplaying
Roleplaying outside of the community via AIM, forums, email, etc is absolutely fine - but if it's anything that might touch upon the rest of the comm, please post the log behind a LJ cut for the others. Please include "COMPLETE" into the title to let everyone know it's a closed log.
If you will be on an extended period of absence (lasting more than a day or two), please let the community know via the OOC journal. It's courtesy so that they know who is missing and who isn't.
Character Journals
Character journals are required after joining. We won't be strictly enforcing the need to update them frequently, but try to post something to them once in a while. The proper format is first person perspective, and doesn't need to be more than a few lines.

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