Uzumaki Naruto (resealed) wrote in memories_rp,
Uzumaki Naruto


Open to: All ninja in Konoha...and the pair coming back.
Setting: All over Konoha
Brief summary: After two and a half years of training, the fox and the pervert make their way back to Konoha. Cue a 'family reunion'...of sorts.

The brief statement that they were heading back, had given Naruto the boost he'd needed. Of course, that hadn't meant he'd regretted heading off. Not at all. It was something he'd needed to do. Especially considering his refusal to fail in keeping a certain promise of his.

But being stuck almost alone with a certain perverted sensei (more so than his previous one) had been slowly getting to him. Even for someone like him, there was only so much training he could get on with.

Not to mention the fact he kind of missed Konoha. His friends. His 'family'. And now, they were headed back.

Hitching his backpack further up his back, Naruto grinned happily as the familiar set of gates loomed into view. The entrance to Konoha. Beyond it, the stone faces of the past, the towering buildings, the smaller houses. Even in all that time, things hadn't changed that much. At least, from where he stood.

Would people still remember them?

With a barely contained sense of excitement, Naruto was soon stepping over the boundary, his gaze only briefly flicking to the pair of guards that sat in wait on the other side.

After years away, they were finally back. Home. find the others.
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