Deidara (kibakunendo) wrote in memories_rp,

Pursuing a lead in Rain

Open to: Sasori. Anyone else around who might want to pop in at some point?
Setting: Near the Rain border, mid-afternoon the day after the recent Akatsuki meeting.
Brief summary: Sasori and Deidara meet up to set out on their mission, tracking down Sasori's potential lead on a bijuu.

The landscape gradually changed from rocky to covered with green as distant treetops drew nearer. The sun had disappeared behind clouds - that made it easier to fly all the way up here - but Deidara knew that a few hours had passed since he'd set out to make his way to the meeting spot where Sasori was probably already waiting by now. Knowing him, chances were that he'd been waiting for a while and wasn't going to be in the best mood.

Then again, was he ever in a good mood? In all the time that Deidara had worked together with Sasori, the puppeteer hadn't come across as anything other than a cranky old man. Maybe only when he talked about his art, but even then, he obviously didn't want to accept any new ideas - say, for example, that art wasn't something that was supposed to have anything to do with eternity. Beauty wasn't eternal, after all. Art wasn't any good, sitting around forever until the artist's original ideas ended up becoming blurred. So what could depict true fine art better than an explosion?

It was too bad that Sasori no Danna didn't agree, Deidara sometimes thought. Those puppets of his could be put to a different use, with some tweaking. (Not that Deidara wanted to or would risk ending up on the receiving end of whatever traps and hidden weapons Sasori had built into his various puppets.)

Setting his thoughts aside, Deidara let his gaze travel across the ground below as his bird sped past.

There - that should be it. Close enough to the border.

The clay bird flapped its wings and dipped lower to fly in an arc towards a place to land.
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