hebi_sannin (hebi_sannin) wrote in memories_rp,

In Otogakure [complete]

Open to: Kabuto, Sasuke, Orochimaru
Setting: Within Orochimaru's lair; Otogakure. Evening.
Summary: Orochimaru trains his future vessel, keeping a watchful eye over the thriving Uchiha...

Orochimaru had both arms crossed over his chest, leisurely observing his pupil going through the motions of training.  The weights on each of his limbs were at least fifteen pounds each, and the sword itself was not one easily weilded; however, Sasuke had the best of teachers and had long grown accustomed to both.  The snake sannin's smirk of amusement traveled to golden eyes as he watched the fluid movements from one stance to the next, but it was not the grace of this dark haired youth Orochimaru sought.  No, it was something vastly different, something much more useful to him...

"Rest," he called, taking a step forward and tossing the boy a towel.
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