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Open to: All ninja in Konoha...and the pair coming back.
Setting: All over Konoha
Brief summary: After two and a half years of training, the fox and the pervert make their way back to Konoha. Cue a 'family reunion'...of sorts.

The brief statement that they were heading back, had given Naruto the boost he'd needed. Of course, that hadn't meant he'd regretted heading off. Not at all. It was something he'd needed to do. Especially considering his refusal to fail in keeping a certain promise of his.

But being stuck almost alone with a certain perverted sensei (more so than his previous one) had been slowly getting to him. Even for someone like him, there was only so much training he could get on with.

Not to mention the fact he kind of missed Konoha. His friends. His 'family'. And now, they were headed back.

Hitching his backpack further up his back, Naruto grinned happily as the familiar set of gates loomed into view. The entrance to Konoha. Beyond it, the stone faces of the past, the towering buildings, the smaller houses. Even in all that time, things hadn't changed that much. At least, from where he stood.

Would people still remember them?

With a barely contained sense of excitement, Naruto was soon stepping over the boundary, his gaze only briefly flicking to the pair of guards that sat in wait on the other side.

After years away, they were finally back. Home. find the others.
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Ino's arms ached like a curse as she carefully weaved her way through the crowded streets of Konoha. Pinned to her chest was a maple sapling, her slender arms wrapped around it, trying hard to not let go. The leaves waved in front of her eyes, rendering Ino nearly blind to the stream of people around her.

She was looking for a street; she scanned each sign as best she could, glancing this way and that. People pushed past her and she pushed back.

Out of the corner of her eyes, Ino spotted a splotch of bright orange and a shock of wild blonde hair. She didn't recognize him, but for a second her eyes randomly followed the figure as he, too, tried to slip through the crowds. Suddenly the sapling she clutched slipped and fell from her grasp; Ino groaned and bent down to heft it back into her arms. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Ino took a few steps forward, then paused. Where had she seen that orange before...? Puzzled, she stood still in the street for a minute before realizing.

Could it be...Uzumaki Naruto?!

She scanned the busy lane frantically, but could not spot the orange clothing again. She took off in the direction she presumed he had been going, but could not find him.

With a resigned sigh, she gave up.

She had missed him -- it was too late to go after Naruto.

But not too late to run off and tell everyone she knew.

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Why did it always have to turn out that every time Shikamaru thought he had a day off, had a break or could relax, he couldn't? The sun was warm, the day beautiful and lacking any trouble.

It was the people who were troublesome.

Looking up from where he stood in the shade of the building, eyes half closed with their usual lack of energy, Shikamaru watched Ino waddle along. Or rather, watched the tree waddle along as Ino swaggered with it in her arms. Now he could have offered his assistance, but since when did he ever offer to do something out of the kindness in his heart?

Not. Too. Often.

But then the plant was put down and she seemed concerned and to be looking for something. Shikamaru stepped away from the wall one step, head tilting back as he looked in the general direction she'd been staring. Nothing. Ino must be seeing things, at least it was an improvement from switching bodies with things.

"Ino." The black haired male said in a lassitude tone, stepping forward and coming up beside her and the sapling. Hands hanging in his pockets, arms loose, and back jacketed in the olive green vest with pockets stuffed with weaponry and equipment, Shikamaru glanced back toward where she'd run.

"Who are you looking for?"
"Oh! Shikamaru!" Ino started and twirled around, surprised to find her teammate there. She set the tree down beside her, eager to drop the heavy weight.

"What?! Didn't you see him, Shikamaru?!" Ino began wildly gesturing off in the street, attracting the curious gaze of a few people walking by. She barely seemed to notice in her excitement. "He was bright orange! And his hair! It was so messy! He hasn't changed!! Didn't you see him?!"

Ino quickly realized that Shikamaru probably hadn't seen him. Lazy ass had probably been staring at the clouds instead! Ino sighed in exasperation and began,

"I think I saw Naruto! You remember him, don't you?! Uzumaki Naruto? He's back! I know I saw him!!"
Pale eyes blinked. Hinata stared behind her, searching for the familiar flash of orange and yellow that she had seen earlier. Was that ... who she thought it was?

Maybe not; it might have been just a trick of the mind. Deciding that, she shook her head vigorously and looked ahead. Yes, that was it; it must have been her imagination. But --

"What?! Didn't you see him, Shikamaru?!" Was that not Ino's voice? Hinata looked past a few startled villagers' shoulders at the two teammates. Ino was still speaking ecstatically. "He was bright orange! And his hair! It was so messy! He hasn't changed! Didn't you see him?!"

Had Ino glanced him too? Hope rose in Hinata's chest. Perhaps the village's number one unpredictable ninja had really returned after all.

"I think I saw Naruto! You remember him, don't you?! Uzumaki Naruto? He's back! I know I saw him!"

The timid shinobi smiled to herself. She quietly retreated to a corner not too far away. Hopefully she would be able to hear more ...
Reaching out slowly with what felt like a heavy hand, Shikamaru pushed Ino's arm down to her side. His mouth opened to speak, then closed as he thought better of it while his hand returned to his pocket.

"I know." Said Shikamaru, black spiked hair in its hair tie flicking around in the breeze. "It's Naruto. He's back." He explained, shrugging his shoulders when it had been Naruto she'd been referring to and shouting about. How could Shikamaru forget his lousy mug anyhow? That kid was unforgettable!
"Don't you care, Shikamaru?!" Ino cried, her fingers curling into fists in front of her chest. "This is a big deal! Naruto is back!! Come on...! We have to go follow him!!"

Ino turned to run off down the street, then realized Shikamaru probably wouldn't follow her anyways. Frusturated, she scanned the street quickly without thinking. She was acting on pure instinct now. Her azure eyes quickly settled on a small grey pigeon, perched on a windowsill twenty feet away. The bird sat atop a small mountain of messy twigs and leaves, undoubtebly nursing its eggs. Its beady red eyes stared back at her, and for a second Ino felt a tiny twinge of guilt for what she was about to do. But only for a second.

"Fine! I'll go after him myself!" she asserted, ignorant of the now-staring passers-by. Her hands fell into that oh-so-familiar postition-- fingertips meeting to form a rectangle. Squeezing her eyes shut, she cried, "Shintenshin no Jutsu!"

Her lithe body slumped to the ground in a heap. A few (non-shinobi, most likely) watching strangers gasped. But for once, Ino didn't care.

She was already flitting away on ash-grey feathers, the possesed avian body going unnoticed to the rest of the world.
His lazy eyes watched her, Ino putting her hand to her chest and then race off down the dirt street. He glanced at the tree, turned to one of the men in a nearby shop and gave some sort of instruction briefly before sauntering off after Ino. Shikamaru, as much as he wanted to, couldn't just leave her to do what she wanted when she got like this. He'd seen it many times before, that headstrong girl run off to do something irrational.

Upon catching up, he was only twenty seconds late, and found her body laying on the ground. He groaned softly, telling the people around that everything was under control and she was fine. As he did so, he stared down at the heap of blond hair in purple clothing and shook his head with a sigh.

"Troublesome." Shikamaru whispered, kneeling and picking up his comrade off the dirty ground. Where to put her, he wondered? Where?

Well, if there was any place to put herself it was the one place she would run to the moment she found Naruto through whatever form she'd gone into. His face twitched in annoyance, but he headed off toward the main building where he figured the brightly dressed shinobi would get to eventually. He had to get there to receive his assignments anyhow.
It wasn't long before Ino realized it was a stupid plan.

She flitted above the streets without aim or direction, watching for a glimpse of bright orange. She found none. She hadn't been thinking. How did she know that idiot hadn't gone indoors? How would she ever find him then?

As time passed, she began to wonder what had become of her real body. Undoubtebly, Shikamaru had taken it, but where? Probably somewhere indoors, she realized.

Ino was about to turn back to where she had left her body (-what happened to the tree? Had Shikamaru taken that too?-) when she caught a splotch of orange over to her left. She gasped - which came across as a tiny squawk in her pigeon form - and dove at the colour. Alighting on a windowsill not thirty feet away, she watched -- a medium-height, slightly atheletic-builded blonde teenager smiled brightly as he traversed the street with an old man. No doubt about it. This was Naruto.

Ino could barely contain herself. She tried to call his name -- but of course he couldn't understand her. All he would have heard was a loud wail. Ino watched, frusturated, as he passed right by her without even noticing.

But what had she been expecting? Of course Naruto wouldn't notice a pigeon if it hit him in the head. He was Naruto after all.

Internally sighing, Ino came to the conclusion that all she could do was follow him and hope they ran into Shikamaru.

Who was she kidding?
"Ino-san?" Hinata gasped when she saw the blonde collapse into a heap on the floor. Then she remembered: oh, it was that jutsu. Pressing her back against the wall, she sighed. Listening like this was not going to help anything.

So Hinata went out again in the streets and moved in the direction she thought Naruto might have gone. She thought about using the byakugan, but ... wasn't such jutsus meant for more important things, like in missions? And she remembered the shock that Ino gave the passers-by when she executed hers. Well, she was not going to "pass out" like that, but it might cause unnecessary alarm with her eyes looking like they would ...

Hinata lifted her gaze and focused on a speck in the sky (not realising that it could probably be Ino). "I wonder ... if Ino has found Naruto-kun yet ...?"
Ino began to seriously wonder whether or not it was worth still following Naruto, after he still hadn't taken notice of her. She kept an extra eye open for Shikamaru, deperately praying she'd run into him by chance. Or at least Sakura...wouldn't she be the first person Naruto would go after, anyways? least Sakura would be smart enough to notice her obvious plight! Even Jiraiya hadn't noticed her yet, which was really quite worrying. Then again, even he probably didn't know how much better Ino had gotten with her jutsu -- he had been gone for three years. But still!

That was when she spotted Hinata.


Maybe Hinata wasn't as smart as Shikamaru or Sakura (no offense, but Ino never had gotten to know the shy girl well...), but she'd have to make do. She had to be more observant than Naruto anyways...

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Was that bird ... heading towards her? Pale eyes widened; Hinata stared in confusion. Was there a message for her? Birds were not usually so daring as to directly approach a human being ... right? Unless ...

Unless it was possessed.

Finally, realisation struck. Of course, why had she not thought of that before? That was probably Ino! But then ... what could Ino possibly want from a nobody like her?
Ino circled a little wider now, spiraling closer to Hinata while trying to keep an eye on Naruto and Jiraiya.

Ino watched as Hinata's head tilted skyward, lavendar eyes widening; the blonde cheered a little inwardly and dipped lower. Hinata must've seen Shikamaru, right? Right? Maybe Hinata knew where her body was. And that tree. Yeah, that tree! It'd slipped her mind completely!

"Hey! Hinata! Finally! Someone noticed me! This body is so annoying! Come fast! Come on! Naruto is back! I found him! You have to see! Quick Hinata! He'll get away! He'll get --"

Suddenly it dawned on her. Hinata probably couldn't understand a word she was saying.

How could she pass along the message without everything getting lost in translation?
The bird was squawking excitedly at Hinata, who could only look back helplessly. She was fairly certain now that this was Ino, but she had difficulty deciphering the strange avian language. Ino (if that was happened to the poor creature apparently realised it, because it suddenly fell silent.

Hinata felt that she needed to do something; there had to be something that she can do to help this situation. Would Ino understand human speech in that body? She was not sure ...

But then something hit her. They could try communicating using actions, right? She was not sure if this would successfully convey her message, but it was worth a try! She beckoned to the bird and pointed at her head protector, then spread her hands apart.

"Ino, do you know where Naruto-kun is?"
Ino flapped her wings frantically, bobbing her gray head with a series of excited chirps. She could not speak human herself while in the pigeon body (its vocal chords where in all the wrong places)but her human psyche could still understand the words Hinata said.

"Yes! Yes! Look!" Ino flitted about impatiently -- she coukld barely contain her excitement. She took off and soared over the crowded street, tittering at Hinata to follow.

It wasn't long before she caught sight of that bright orange burst of colour that was Uzumaki Naruto again.
Relief flooded Hinata. Ino understood her! Whether from her actions or words, she did not much care. She pushed through the crowds eagerly (but not roughly), frequently looking up to check that she had not lost track with Ino. Excitement was filling her chest like a balloon. After so long, she was going to meet Naruto again!

Then she glimpsed some very familiar, very striking yellow hair over the villagers' heads. Her heart leaped; was that really Naruto? She moved faster, accelerated by joy; then suddenly, she stopped.

Would he want to meet her? Or would she only be a bother? After all, he might want to reunite with Sakura and/or some other close friends ... and she would not be one of them, right? She was just an ex-classmate ...

Her step faltered; she hung her head as the yellow head disappeared again in the crowd. She felt as pathetic as she had many other times in her life. Why? Why could she not get braver? Why could she not be more confident? Why? Why could she not change herself?

Pale eyes gazed skyward. She was quite sure that Ino was disappointed in her too.
If Hinata thought Ino was disappointed in her, she sure was right. In fact, Ino was about ready to strangle the girl right now! (Lucky for Hinata all Ino could do at the moment was peck her eyes out anyways.) Ino couldn't see what was so utterly frightening about going up to say hi to someone! (But then again, Ino is not Hinata, and Hinata is not Ino.)

Ino, frusturated again, knew she could not convince Hinata to greet Naruto on her own. And if Hinata couldn't talk to him, there was no way she could, either!

Ino had to think of something. Had to think of something. Had to think...

That was it!

She'd just have to catch Naruto's attention herself.

Ino climbed up in the sky, lofting high above the street. She scanned the crowds for the familiar mop of blonde hair, which she easily located. Taking a deep, excited breath, Ino aligned herself and steadied her avian body in the sky. Okay...This was just about the scariest thing she'd ever done in bird form...

She tucked her wings into her body and dove. The wind screamed past her head and her avian body trembled with a toxic mixture of fear and delight. The adrenaline rush was exhilarating as she plummeted to the earth, ground rushing up to meet her...


Ino squawked with pain as her little pigeon beak connected with Naruto's thick skull.
When Hinata saw Ino suddenly drop mid-air, her hands flew to her mouth. She had no idea what happened; at first, she thought maybe she/it had a fit, but common sense reminded her that it was highly unlikely. Subconsciously, she moved forward, concerned that something might have happened to Ino.

Again she spotted the bright yellow head. Moment of hesitation: should she meet him? But she wanted see if Ino was all right. Forcing all doubts to out of her mind, she pushed forward.

Then, hearing a sudden squawk, she stopped, and peering over the villagers' shoulders curiously, saw (just in time) the "bullet pigeon" colliding with Naruto's head. She was not sure if she should act shocked or laugh, for the scene was humorous, so she just stared.

"What was Ino going to do now?" she wondered.

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Lazily Shikamaru stood at the window, eyes looking this way and that for Naruto and Jiraiya. They're late, and Ino's body was not looking too happy in his opinion. What was he supposed to do again? He hadn't been paying attention when rules had been gone over so long ago...

Sighing, he leaned on his forearms at the sill and stared down at the crowd. Naruto was easy to spot from the building, and Jiraiya as well, with their corn yellow and cloud white hair. And then there was a blob, a brownish gray splotch in the sky that Shikamaru recognized as Ino.

Already he could tell this wouldn't bode well for her, the birds body, or Naruto, as his eyes followed her streaking toward the blond. His shoulders hunched up and he muttered a strange sort of "oh, that's gotta hurt" sound to himself. That impact had looked rough.
He moved automatically through the familiar streets, a wide grin on his face as he glanced over at the buildings either side. They'd just gotten back, so it was only right that they went to tell a certain hokage that they were back. Or at least, that was what he thought would be expected. Arms folded behind his head, he turned his attention to the sky, vaguely watching as a shadow passed overhead.

"It feels like it's been longer than it has," he muttered quietly, turning his attention to his mentor. Well, it lasted up until the point he felt a sudden collision with the side of his head. The rush of wind hadn't been warning enough. "WHAT THE HELL?!" A hand flew to the side of his head, pressing hard as he spun round. Glaring at the bird, he found himself caught between trying to strangle the poor creature, trying to see if it was okay, or just yelling.

"Stupid bird!" Well, that answered that question.

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"Stupid bird!"



Ino squawked indignantly, beady red eyes glaring up at Naruto. If he could understand her, he probably would've heard a string of incoherent insults and random protests fired back at him, accompanied by Ino's angered wing-flapping. How dare he call her that!!

Ino looked back to see if Hinata could come and explain, but to her surprise (and dismay) she found the Hyuuga had disappeared.What the hell!? How could Hinata have run away at a time like this?!

How was Ino supposed to explain herself now?!

Sighing resignedly, Ino came to the conclusion she had nothing she could do. Perhaps she could find some way to get her message across, but...she had no idea how.

She decided all she could do now was follow Naruto and hope for the best.

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Peering round the corner, Hinata watched as Ino trailed after Naruto. She noticed how the little bird moved, not balancing itself very well; was it normal for avian creatures to walk like that, and/or had Ino been hurt during the impact? She wanted to approach them, but still could not pick up the courage to do so, so she just watched and followed, careful to keep herself hidden in the crowd.

But was it right to ... stalk them like this? No, it's not stalking exactly; it's not losing track of them while waiting for herself to gather enough courage to approach them. Thus convincing herself, she continued.
Ino wondered whether or not Hinata would return to save her anytime soon. Ino sure needed to be saved! As if it weren't bad enough that she were stuck in a pigeon's body, no one understood her plight, Naruto was already mad at her and he hadn't been home for an hour yet, and Shikamaru had run off somewhere with her body!! Not good, not good...!

Ino bobbed after Naruto and Jiraiya glumly, pigeon-y toes scratching in the dirt. People stared; surely it was unusual for a bird to walk on the ground; but Ino couldn't care less about looking like a convincing little bird at the moment.

In fact, she might rather stand out...

That was it!

If she could act human-ly enough, maybe Naruto would get the hint that she really was human?! Yeah, yeah! Or at least maybe she could annoy him so much it would be proper revenge for calling her a "stupid bird".

In fluttered before Naruto's feet and tried her best to imitate his confident gait.
This time the quiet shinobi could not resist a giggle. She had no idea what Ino was planning to do, but whatever it was ...

Wait, was Ino trying to imitate Naruto? Hinata looked closer, then another giggle escaped her. Well, so it seemed. Now Naruto had a little mime of a bird close at his heels.

But what was Ino planning, really? To get his attention? Even if she did get it, would he know that it was Ino and not any "stupid bird"? Hinata knew: she had to help somehow; but ... why can't she just walk up to them?

Never mind that now; concentrate on following them. She would naturally cross the river when she found the bridge, right?

((Do you get the last bit, about crossing the river upon finding the bridge? It's actually my translation of a Chinese phrase; I don't know if there's an English version of it ... Oh, and camp starts tomorrow, so I won't be around again. See you next weekend, then! XD))