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Pursuing a lead in Rain

Open to: Sasori. Anyone else around who might want to pop in at some point?
Setting: Near the Rain border, mid-afternoon the day after the recent Akatsuki meeting.
Brief summary: Sasori and Deidara meet up to set out on their mission, tracking down Sasori's potential lead on a bijuu.

The landscape gradually changed from rocky to covered with green as distant treetops drew nearer. The sun had disappeared behind clouds - that made it easier to fly all the way up here - but Deidara knew that a few hours had passed since he'd set out to make his way to the meeting spot where Sasori was probably already waiting by now. Knowing him, chances were that he'd been waiting for a while and wasn't going to be in the best mood.

Then again, was he ever in a good mood? In all the time that Deidara had worked together with Sasori, the puppeteer hadn't come across as anything other than a cranky old man. Maybe only when he talked about his art, but even then, he obviously didn't want to accept any new ideas - say, for example, that art wasn't something that was supposed to have anything to do with eternity. Beauty wasn't eternal, after all. Art wasn't any good, sitting around forever until the artist's original ideas ended up becoming blurred. So what could depict true fine art better than an explosion?

It was too bad that Sasori no Danna didn't agree, Deidara sometimes thought. Those puppets of his could be put to a different use, with some tweaking. (Not that Deidara wanted to or would risk ending up on the receiving end of whatever traps and hidden weapons Sasori had built into his various puppets.)

Setting his thoughts aside, Deidara let his gaze travel across the ground below as his bird sped past.

There - that should be it. Close enough to the border.

The clay bird flapped its wings and dipped lower to fly in an arc towards a place to land.
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The large bird caught Sasori's attention as had the past few that passed the area previously and he scowled at the sight of the familiar blond hair peeking out from under the straw hat. The brat had certainly taken his time.

He met Deidara a little ways from where he'd hidden himself, coming into view only after his partner landed. The familiar chakra assured him as to Deidara's identity and he hadn't yet known of anyone who could properly replicate the boy's mode of transportation.


A large metal tail snaked out, aiming at the blonde's head. Sasori wasn't going to acknowledge that little voice in the back of his head telling him that attacking his partner made him feel better about having to wait five hours in the sun. This was purely a test. Few were more experienced with Sasori's temper to be able to predict that he would attack so erratically.
Staying where he was for a moment longer, still perched atop the large clay bird, Deidara watched as Sasori made his presence known. That hulking puppet always wore the same kind of expression anyway, but it seemed like a safe guess to assume that Sasori had to be fed up with waiting. Even though nothing had been said yet, without a doubt, that was next. Choosing this as their meeting spot had been Sasori's idea, after all - he'd probably been around the area for a while.

A second later, there it was.

Deidara moved quickly and narrowly dodged the attack he'd just been greeted with - he felt air go whooshing by his ear as the sharp end of that tail whipped past his head - jumping out of the way and landing on the ground a few feet away from Sasori. A grin tugged at his lips. Yeah, he'd seen that one coming.

"Where to from here, Danna?" he asked, straightening back up to look at his partner.
"Rain," he snapped as if that answered anything. He was still pissed off and still internally seething at Deidara that he didn't really do much more than hide his tail and continue shuffling along down some road on his internal map. It was almost as if he didn't just attack his partner.

Sasori, angry silence in place, led them through the border. The area here was still a little dry, close as they were to Suna, but there was an area where the trees thickened. This is where Sasori entered.

The trees provided shelter although he despised the humidity in the air; it was bad for the wood, no matter how good a job he'd done on Hiruko. Still, they'd be walking at a good pace and would inevitably reach their destination by nightfall. Meeting with his contact should be easier in the dark, especially if they were to hide in the forests. The man could report without having to observe how many of them were there. He wouldn't even have to speak to him face-to-face.

Sasori preferred not to get into too much contact with his subordinates if he could help it.
Deidara frowned at the reply. That didn't tell him a great deal - they already knew that. Well, not that it mattered, anyway. It was just idle curiosity that had prompted the question. Besides, if there was something waiting for them here, then they'd get to it soon.

"That's what I thought, mm," he remarked.

Placing his hands together, he retrieved his bird before following Sasori into the wooded area, past tree after tree gradually surrounding them. It wasn't that welcome a change from the open skies, but it made sense, walking through here. Deidara had to hand it to his partner - Sasori knew what he was doing and he was meticulous when it came to the things he did. Puppets, subordinates... No wonder he had something against 'creating a mess'.

But every explosion had just as much skill put into it as any of those puppets; none of them had nothing to do with making a mess. Instead, that was where art in its purest form was found.

After a while, Deidara broke the silence again, growing bored of the monotonous sound of his own footsteps, Sasori's shuffling along the path and the forest's background noise - no other interruptions so far, either. "What's the jinchuuriki you're after like, I wonder?" He cast a glance into Sasori's direction. "You know which bijuu's your target, Danna?"
He'd expected as much from his partner. Nevertheless, a wave of irritation hit him and he, once again, found himself wishing he'd been partnered with someone better at keeping quiet.

But no. He got an explosives expert. Joy.

"The three tails," Sasori grunted without looking at Deidara. Deciding to add a little to the conversation (a miracle in and of itself) he said, "My contact mentioned information regarding its whereabouts. We will meet him tonight."

There. He'd said enough. Paranoia and a sense of preservation kept him from perpetuating the conversation, not that he ever enjoyed such a pointless activity anyway.
"Three tails?" Deidara echoed. Now they were getting somewhere - although he wasn't expecting that much more out of Sasori on the topic after that. "Well, seems like that'll be interesting, mm. So everything's already in place, then?" He didn't doubt that it was. Leave it to Sasori to make sure of that. Not that it stopped Deidara from asking the question anyway.

'Tonight' was still a while away, though. The treetops above them blocked out a good amount of light down here, but it wasn't dark yet; they probably had a few more hours to go before nightfall.

Deidara turned his attention back to the path and let the silence between them fall back into place for now. Maybe Sasori wasn't what you'd call a real conversationalist, but then, they weren't part of Akatsuki for pointless chitchat, were they? Just to get the job done and get themselves closer to whatever goals each of them had that happened to drive them to where they were now in the first place, while they worked towards what their Leader wanted.

Unless art came into the picture, it wasn't something Deidara really cared about either way.
"For tonight, yes." Which basically meant they were going to ad lib the rest of the mission depending on where the information would lead them. Sasori sincerely hoped it held water, if only because he wanted to get it all over with. Nobody could accuse Sasori of being a particularly patient person.

The walk continued on in silence and progressed throughout the morning. It was almost afternoon when Sasori noticed the time. His body provided no estimate for their travels and he only truly realized how many hours had passed when the shade under his straw cover grew too dim to see by properly without tilting his head up. He was used to the dark but the added shade of the trees consumed them. Nevertheless, he pressed on. He wouldn't stop until Deidara chose to. He had no need to, after all.

To his (flawless) knowledge, the village was hidden far into the relatively small country. It wasn't that far a distance to travel especially for seasoned shinobi like him and Deidara but one could only make so much ground walking. And night had been the agreed hour; there was no rush.
For tonight. Well, then as long as they got there and whoever was going to provide the information Sasori wanted would turn up at the right time, too, that part should go without a hitch. Whatever came after that seemed moot right now, so they'd probably have to wait and see. It wasn't much of a surprise, though, and the lack of activity and scenery - that wasn't repetitive - was what made the journey feel like it was dragging on.

On the other hand, maybe travelling to Suna would be worse. At least the jinchuuriki could make that worth it.

Eventually, without stopping, Deidara tilted his head back to glance up at what he could see of the sky, peering past the edge of his hat and the branches above. Now it was easy enough to tell that it was getting darker out here.

Deidara's gaze flicked back to Sasori. "You know the way, right, Danna?" It was almost the equivalent of an 'are we there yet' question - not that he actually thought that Sasori didn't know where they were going. Besides, this wasn't that big a country, not even close to half the size of some of its surrounding neighbours. Getting lost here would be a real feat to accomplish for anyone, unless they were a complete idiot with no sense of direction.
Sasori was sorely tempted to reply with a long, flat "No" but he ultimately decided against it. Deidara was the one who specialized in juvenile activities after all.

"Of course I do. Don't ask stupid questions." He snapped instead. They lapsed back into silence, Sasori's obviously short temper slightly frayed.

A few moments later he broke the silence.

"Did you pack enough clay?" The puppet master felt the need to ask. His partner was known to under-prepare (well, to Sasori's own standards) and he didn't feel like a repeat of their last mission. If the boy found himself lacking clay halfway to their destination Sasori was going to throttle him.
Deidara grinned. "The trees all look the same, don't they?" he pointed out before dropping that subject. They didn't really, not if you paid attention - and Sasori probably had an eye for detail, after all.

Inwardly - and maybe outwardly, too - Deidara was offended by the question that Sasori asked him a moment later. Of course he was going to bring that up, wasn't he? Deidara made a sound in his throat that was half chuckle and half snort. True, maybe he hadn't been as prepared as he could have been then, but the outcome mattered more, along with what came inbetween. Sasori was nitpicking.

"Well, I guess we'll have to see." The familiar weight of his bag of clay was there, resting at his side underneath his cloak. And he did have some extra clay with him, in case inspiration came along soon even when it didn't look like they had anything definite on Sasori's target yet.

"Anyway, I've got something special in store for the visit to Suna, mm," Deidara added. "So, don't worry, it'll be a real masterpiece when it's my turn. But what about you, Danna?" Not clay, of course, but everything that fell under 'thorough preparation' for Sasori.
"Only enough for Suna, brat?" Not that he expected Deidara to help him with his bijuu. It was more of a necessary precaution than anything. They were wanted criminals after all and Sasori was a careful man.

But then again, he wouldn't be surprised if that was all the other "artist" had prepared for.

Deidara's comment about the trees had him sneaking a glance out of his hat. The light was starting to penetrate the thick leaves at an angle but it was still moving far too slow for his liking. His partner was already starting to get to him.

"Hn. I am prepared." He refused to expound on the topic. His senses may have been telling him that there was no one around but experience taught him otherwise. Habit was a very difficult thing to break especially for such a secretive shinobi.
Only? Deidara's grin widened. "Well, that's where we're going next, after all," he replied, "so I thought I'd plan ahead." As if Sasori wanted him to give him a hand with his target or vice versa - of course, it was smart to have back-up. That aside, other than the fact that they hadn't had any spectacularly botched missions as far as Deidara was concerned, there was only one way to find out just how well prepared they really were.

Not that he didn't know better than to expect everything to go completely smoothly from start to finish - who knows, something else that hadn't been factored in could show up at any time. But if they were both prepared, there wouldn't be any hold-ups along the way.

Finally the last remaining threads of light filtering past leaves and branches began to fade. In the distance, there were brighter specks among the trees - probably windows in buildings.

About time. Surveillance and recon and that sort of thing to collect information were one thing (pulling it off from above, in the skies, was no problem), but this was turning out to be a different matter.

Deidara turned his head, giving his partner an expectant look. Where was the guy?