Sir Leader of Akatsuki (sir_leader_xx) wrote in memories_rp,
Sir Leader of Akatsuki

All that's left to do...

Open to: All Akatsuki.
Setting: The hidden base within a cavern.
Summary: Members of the good ol' black&red coats discuss their plans regarding the Bijuu.

His crimson-eyed gaze slid over the scarce contents of the darkened interior of the cavern.  Here, he had called for whatever members were in the area to assemble for a brief discussion; it didn't matter who showed up, so long as a few would come.  It did not require many to do what he wished to do, at the moment.  

The jinchuuriki hosts were now ready to be plucked from their villages and places of rest; they did not belong in this world as they were.  They were meant as weapons of war - as containers to hold the beasts meant to be unleashed upon the world, not as people freely walking the lands as they were.

Leader slid his bloodred orbs up to the massive statue before him.  It wouldn't be much longer.  He clasped his hands behind his back, and waited for his subordinates arrivals.
Tags: akatsuki, deidara, itachi, leader, sasori
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